Rickett & Sones


Rickett & Sones is the creative love child of Ryan and Sonia Rickett, a director/photographer duo based in Los Angeles.

As fate would have it, we met on set when we were both shooting for the same client. Our connection was instantaneous and thus our adventure as a husband and wife creative team began. Since joining forces, we've set out to discover, evolve, and share our vision through art.

Rickett discovered visual art through his passion for storytelling. As a child he obsessively documented his life on camera, making short films, and skate and snowboard videos. He studied film at Art Center College of Design and went on to direct award winning music videos, commercials and virals.

Sones' love for photography was kindled in a high school darkroom, the moment she first watched an image magically develop before her eyes she was hooked for life. Carrying a camera quickly became second nature and the art of creating images has never lost its spark.

Our nest is in Los Angeles but we shoot all over the world.





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